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QUARANTEAM: Garden games are making a comeback... and it's win-win for our wellbeing!

If there was ever a time most of us would probably like to veto ‘adulting’… this is probably it.

After all, being a grown up comes with an acute awareness and understanding of the current situation…something we'd likely welcome a bit of respite from the worry of, if only for Easter Weekend.

Luckily, there’s one easy way to offload some of the mind-baggage of grown up life (even if only temporarily), and that is by taking an active back-step against advancing age, with some good old-fashioned sports day fun!

Before the days of trending challenges, fending off the #boredvibes was as simple as finding some eggs, spoons and old pillow cases and using them to race to a make-shift finish line made of twigs!

The fun factor of these traditional games still stands true, and jumping on board with whoever you happen to be self isolating with, is a win win endeavour...even when you happen to lose lose!!

The reason, is that despite not serving any ‘productive’ purpose (such as we are being widely encouraged towards), these kind of activities provide nostalgia, not to mention a wonderful distraction - both of which can’t be argued with in respect of mental wellbeing.

Nostalgia, in particular, has been shown to counteract loneliness, boredom and anxiety, making it something worth pursuing during this time, when the risk of all of the above is so significantly elevated.

Under normal circumstances, we might not have the time and opportunity to entertain the idea of racing with an egg on a spoon, but this is one of the rare positives to come out of this time - the availability of free time to rediscover enjoyment in simplicity....and eggs (not least the chocolate kind)!

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