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'We’re all struggling with varying degrees of not really knowing what to do with ourselves'

For many of us, boredom is an unfamiliar emotional state, not least because adult life rarely gifts us with the predicament of having nothing to do, or nowhere to be... until now, that is!

With hashtags such as #boredinthehouse and #boredathome now amassing hundreds of thousands of posts on Instagram (let’s not even get started on tiktok), it’s clear to see, we’re all struggling with varying degrees of not really knowing what to do with ourselves, day-in-day-out!

But before we all get too engrossed with trying to busy ourselves with who-knows-what, here’s some food for thought... boredom might actually be better for us (emotionally AND mentally) than the overriding feeling of frustration it causes perhaps suggests.

According to an article from the The Independent, being bored can make us more creative, better at divergent thinking... and perhaps even happier overall. More specifically, researchers believe that being bored can help people's minds to wander, which then leads them to more creative ways of thinking - a process known as ‘autobiographical planning’. Being bored is also more likely to make us engage in prosocial behaviors like donating to charity - an incentive if ever there was one, given the current climate.

This in mind, there’s a definite case for thinking twice before jumping on the next lockdown distraction, particularly - it has to be said - if said distraction happens to be the most frustrating game IN THE WORLD!

If ever there was a game to pass the time solo, this cat-stacking creation is it. However, be prepared to have the frustration of having nothing to do, replaced by a whole world of feline-shaped aggravation that will make boredom - in comparison - seem like bliss!

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