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'Looking back on old photos can help to boost mood and promote relaxation'

In the interests of getting organised (and passing the time), many of us might have used the opportunity of the last few weeks, to delve head first into the photo archives...

Often, it starts out as a quick glance in an old shoe box, but before you know it, several hours have been swallowed up in an inevitable round trip down memory lane.

The reason why old photos, once opened, are so hard to put down, comes mainly down to the emotive, escapist and nostalgic power they hold. Your precious tickets, to moments now past.

According to research by CEWE photoworld, looking back on our photos in this way can positively boost our mood, and potentially make us more relaxed (always useful in the current climate.) Leading behavioural psychologist Jo Hemmings suggests, therefore, that we all pause to look back on our photos more often, as just one way of sparking some much-needed joy at this current time.

As for whether just scrolling through your camera roll has the same effect, it’s open to debate. Apparently, ‘real’ photos are what remind us of ‘social bond enhancement’ (what and who is important to us) and this, by all accounts, just adds further weight and longevity to the conclusion that we’ve probably all come to anyway. #familyfirst

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