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RE RE when the ‘dance like nobody’s watching’ advice was hypothetical!

Now, when nobody actually IS watching, it’s the perfect time to practice pretending they’re not.

Especially, today, given that it’s International Dance Day!

As a way of accessing a more peaceful state of mind, dancing is unrivalled. By focusing attention on the body, breathing and expressive movements, the mind is distracted from its stressors… and we all know there is no shortage of those at the moment!!

Equally, the very action of putting our bodies in motion also boosts serotonin, the happy hormone which can help reduce anxious feelings.

Even those who don’t normally dance, can reap the rewards by surrendering all inhibitions and throwing dance caution to the wind. Any style of dancing is beneficial, and even a few minutes can be enough to help empty the mind and reconnect with our physicality.

If you find yourself struggling to ‘let go’, it’s reassuring that this is a skill which can be honed with a little freestyle practice in the comfort of your own home.

It’s something which Fizz Yasin (pictured) has made a daily ritual out of, showcasing her moves on insta stories in an effort to encourage even those reluctant groovers and shakers, into the ranks of the home-party makers!

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