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'Who knew creating a meal plan, scratch cooking and adapting recipes could be so satisfying'

There’s no denying home life looks different currently. Social distancing is changing everything, including our approach to the way we shop for food, and cook.

Meal times are adding much needed structure and pleasure to our days, and as we’re eating together, at home, more than ever, we need to get creative, budget and make food count.

No longer being able to nip out if we forget something mid-cook, or fancy a bite to eat, requires planning ahead. We’re learning to adapt, forward think and be resourceful. Never again will we take simple ingredients for granted; pasta, eggs, flour – we miss you!

With the promise of ‘normality’ a way off yet, and a potential recession headed our way, we should consider shopping with a social conscience. Let’s embrace minimising food waste, being considerate of our community by buying what we need, at a safe distance, and shop local. We’re lucky to have an array of deliveries & take away services popping up around us – get involved, support them, and long may they continue!

It all comes down to planning. Not just for today, or the day after that. Plan the week, two weeks….why not even three weeks ahead - if you have freezer space!

Who knew creating a meal plan, scratch cooking and adapting recipes could be so satisfying. Ever noticed onions taste the same as leaks, and cod the same as pollock or hake? And don’t forget those past their best ingredients; banana loaf, anyone?

Let’s spark inspiration…“Do what you can. With what you have. Where you are” – Theodore Roosevelt.

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