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British Sandwich Week: 'What better nod to the heritage of putting stuff between bread, than the

If there was ever a good time to afford yourself a little of what you fancy, now is it.

Long days, coupled with flagging energy levels, mean the comfort value of a good ol’ chip butty (among other vices!) is second to none!

The excuse? It’s British Sandwich Week, of course, and what could be more of a nod to the heritage of putting stuff between bread, than a lunchtime carb-fest, made all the better thanks to a Gradz Bakers sourdough switch up!

Gradz' unique, hand-crafted loaves are fermented to produce a bread which has less gluten, and is more digestible than standard commercial bread, making it a good option for when you fancy a sandwich, without the slump!

In the ranks of delicious oddities, nobody can argue with an invention which brings together chips AND bread and passes it off as an acceptable meal, but be warned...hitting carb central comes at a cost!

On the plus side, a high-carb lunch has been shown to boost serotonin (happy hormone) levels, BUT on the down side... expect to be hit by a serious mid-afternoon energy lull!

The best suggestion?

Save this one for the weekend, and embrace the inevitable post-sarnie sleepiness with another little luxury...the power nap (if you can!)

If you can’t, let the slump be a lesson, next time, to throw some protein in the mix!

Fish finger sandwich, anyone? (Just kidding!)

Sponsored by Gradz Bakers

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