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COLOUR THERAPY: 'Sporting a pair of yellow sunnies might serve as more than just an unconvention

We’ve all heard the expression ‘rose tinted glasses’... but what if there was actually some truth in the idea that a pair of coloured glasses could alter how we perceive the world? According to Chromatherapy (AKA. Colour Therapy) colours within the natural spectrum of light can have a significant effect on emotions, with yellow in particular known to be associated with cheerfulness and creativity. At a time when we arguably need all the cheerfulness and creativity we can get, sporting a pair of yellow sunnies might therefore serve as something more than just an unconventional style statement. As for the mechanism behind these supposed wellbeing benefits, it is believed the colours directly affect the hypothalamus in the brain, which in turn triggers a predictable emotional and hormonal response (hence why certain colours are used for certain effects). Scientific research into this subject aside, it does seem wholly logical that the lift we get when walking into a bright yellow room, for example, could be replicated simply by wearing lenses of the same hue. As just one example of a small thing that we can all try to potentially help lift our lockdown mood, yellow glasses stand as good a chance as any at making any real difference. They are, if all else fails, also a pretty good way of injecting some humour into your next Zoom chat!!

⚠️ Just one word of warning, don’t wear any form of coloured frames while driving, operating heavy machinery, or any other hazardous activity.

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