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FLOOR CULTURE: 'The kitchen floor is the perfect place to sit and ponder the to-dos of the day&#

The kitchen has to be one of THE most underrated places to sit and relax.

Sure, the sofa is a more obvious choice, but why be comfortable when you’ve got some cold tiles and hard cupboards to meet your reclining needs?!

Jokes aside, though… the kitchen floor is a popular place to take a load off!

A place to sit, sip coffee and ponder the to-dos of the day ahead​. It does admittedly beg the question, why not just sit on a chair, or at the dining table?

For many people, though, the associations of relaxation and work (now more than ever) can make these options less conducive to the kind of headspace that ‘floor sitting’, as its formally known, is renowned for.

In Japan, there is a very real science to sitting on the floor to relax and eat, and it comes back to the idea that doing so can aid posture, flexibility and more mindful eating.

The health benefits aside, there is however another reason why more people (ie. parents) than would probably care to admit, use the kitchen floor for rest and respite.

It’s evolved from the gradual discovery that it is, in fact, THE only place to be, to eat and to think and recharge that doesn’t invite the otherwise continuous interruptions that come with trying to do ANY of these in the same room as small people.

All these factors aside, it is arguably the current need to ‘make the same different’ (the same house, the same four walls) which more than anything, has led floor culture to catch on in lockdown. .

If you haven’t tried it, it’s worth a go... and if nothing else, it will help flag up when your floor needs a clean! Every cloud, as they say!

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