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'The knock-on effects of clothing poverty on fitness is something we need more awareness of'

Functional, comfortable activewear is something that is widely taken for granted, and the impact of not having the basic apparel needed for exercise is vastly underestimated in terms of physical (and mental) health.

Even something as simple as going for a run - the cheapest, easiest and most widely accessible antidote to inactivity - is dependent on having appropriate footwear and (for ladies!) underwear... but this is sometimes easier said than done.

When we think about ‘clothing poverty’, it’s a concept that we don’t assume to have health consequences outside of those relating to warmth, comfort and self-confidence... but this is a perspective which proves otherwise.

The knock-on effects of clothing shortages on fitness (and therefore wellbeing) are something that more needs to be done to help raise awareness of, particularly as a potential solution already exists in the form of the growing preloved activewear market.

However, with charity shops currently closed, and access to second-hand fitness apparel therefore restricted, we’re helping formulate a ‘plan b’ to deliver affordable activewear to those whose confidence and ability to take advantage of an active lifestyle depends on it.

This Clothing Poverty Awareness Day (9th June) we’ll have activewear bundles available for order on our preloved fashion marketplace

The bundles contain 4 items (from various leading brands including Nike & Adidas), and you can specify your size and item preference when booking.

Depending on stock, we’ll do our best to adapt the bundles accordingly. So far in stock we have sports bras, leggings, running tops, hoodies and some trainers of various sizes.

Bundles are just £9.99 including postage to any UK address.

To register your interest go to

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