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HEALTH BY STEALTH: Why there's more to 'wellness' than the traditional blueprint suggest

The problem with most things that are good for us - like exercise...and eating vegetables - is that we tend to know as much!

As a result, just as much of the feel-good factor owes to the presumed advantages, as it does the actual physical benefits.

With so much emphasis on these more obvious approaches to health, the importance of ‘health by stealth’ (ie. those little under-the-radar contributions from foods, drinks and activities you’d least expect) can often be overlooked.

This idea of being able to sneak extra nutrition and activity into our lifestyle, under the cover of something delicious or fun, is something we should all give due consideration this Global Wellness Day.

Wellness, after all, is just as much about a leisurely stroll and a bottle of fizz (aka. Kombucha) as it is the things the traditional blueprint suggests!

Kombucha is a solution of tea, sugar and water that is fermented by a symbiotic culture of bacteria and yeast, which converts much of the sugar into other beneficial organic compounds, extending particular benefits to digestive health, as well as contributing some key health-protective nutrients.

Left Field Kombucha is made with only the finest, ethical teas, and there are no juices or added flavourings after fermentation, making this arguably one of the most delicious ways to enjoy this traditional health giving-beverage.

And the best bit about a bottle of Left Field Kombucha? It sits just as well alongside your breakfast bowl, as it does in a long glass at the end of an even longer day, especially in these times when we're becoming more attuned to the benefits of 'dry days' and alcohol free alternatives.

This in mind, Kombucha might just succeed in supporting the pursuit of wellbeing in the most delicious (and surreptitious) way possible! The epitome of ‘stealth health’ ... have you got the bottle to try it?

Sponsored by Left Field Kombucha

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