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A Helping Hand this Winter

Updated: Feb 7

There’s cold hands… and then there’s Raynaud’s cold hands.


Unfortunately, winter has always blighted me with the latter, making gloves and hand-warmers a non-negotiable between the months of November and February, at the very least.


As anyone similarly affected by this condition will know, the numbness and pain that comes with such temperature sensitivity in the extremeties - it can have a significant impact on daily life.

Bitter experience has taught me, over the years, that prevention is key in managing the condition, but far from this coming down to quantity (in layers), it seems the best way forward in managing Raynaud’s disease is though quality (in fibres.)

Thin layers of heat-trapping fabric typically ward off the symptoms better than thick, chunky knits, while shearing lined slippers and boots have become something of a non-negotiable!

For the hands, any old gloves tend not to cut it in the icy depths of February. Instead, a specific pair of Raynaud's Gloves (like this pair by Skinnies), which are made from patented ‘Phase change material’, can help ensure your hand temperature remains balanced, whilst the reactive wicking technology keeps hands dry and protected.

Designed to be worn indoors and outdoors, the gloves are both comfortable and flexible, with conductive fingertips to aid with smart phone usage.

At this time of year, when the elements can pose such a particular health challenge for the circulatory-challenged, glove-wearing (much like tea drinking, and hot water bottle-cuddling) somehow finds new-found importance.

This is something I’ve long accepted, and built it into my winter self-care strategy, and it's an approach that is substantiated best, by the old saying that ‘there’s no such thing as bad weather, just unsuitable clothing!’

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