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A LITTLE OF WHAT YOU FANCY: Mixing the business of wellness…with the pleasure of life!

Updated: Sep 13, 2021

The virtues of 'a little of what you fancy' are well-known, and for us, this week has been all about putting this theory into practice. 

All those small, incremental heart-shaped decisions (whatever form they may take) can be as empowering as they are satisfying, especially when owned and actioned on the regular.


Harnessing the freedom that exists within a healthy lifestyle, to lead by needs over notions, is a nod to 'self care' if ever there was one… and the epitome of those #balancedlife ambitions enforced by the last 18 months!


It goes without saying, of course, that leaning into more of what we need doesn’t mean deliberately erring towards over-indulgence, nor rejecting the virtues of common sense or knowledge.


What it does mean, is having the self-authority to mix the business of wellness, with the pleasure of life... and recognising the power and purpose in both!

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