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Updated: Nov 16, 2022

Today marks the start of Stress Awareness Week, and while it would be easy to wind the old ‘disconnect to re-connect’ trope up the social media flagpole, I wanted to talk instead, about the virtues of re-connecting… to disconnect.

Flipping the script on de-stress etiquette might seem counterintuitive, but if there is one thing I have concluded from navigating the last few nerve-wracking Pandemic years, it’s that keeping cortisol in check… it’s not as simple as lighting some candles and thinking calm thoughts.

Sometimes, it looks like reconnecting with long-lost routines, habits and hobbies - shopping, coffees, the cinema, manicures - as a way of disconnecting from the grind of Groundhog Day life - something which in itself can be stress-inducing in its sameyness.

To this end, this year’s Stress Awareness Week is all about showcasing the less sweaty side to letting off steam, with the help of Lola Starr activewear.

Lola Starr premium apparel is geared just as much towards the incidental exercise of errand-running, as it is more ‘traditional’ workouts such as yoga, running and the gym.

Made using the highest quality ECONYL® regenerated nylon (made from ocean waste and old fishing nets), their go-with-anything leggings are stress-busting not just in the movement they help cultivate a mindset for…but also in the stress they take out of deciding what to wear each day.

With each sports bra designed to be double-sided and fully reversible, mixing and matching - and making your wardrobe go further - has arguably never been as simple OR statement-making, both from a style AND sustainability stance!

Defined by form-fitting fashionable styles, these ’lightening collection’ leggings especially, are what here-there-and-everywhere autumn days are made of.

From ‘nipping‘ to the shops, ’nipping’ to the gym… right through to actively nipping stress in the bud.

Sponsored by Lola Starr

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