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Updated: Nov 9, 2021


There’s something quite magical, mesmerising and just a little bit nostalgic about them!

Whatever you might think of the noise (pet owners… we feel you!) there’s nothing quite like a good old-fashioned display, for taking advantage of the unique health benefits of suspense, awe…and fresh air to boot!

It’s not just the entertainment factor, however, to which much of the mood-boosting effects of firework displays is owed.

It also, to some extent, comes from the simple action of…looking up!

It’s probably safe to say, most of us spend a whole lot of our days looking DOWN, or straight ahead, without ever really thinking to focus our attention UPWARDS!

By turning our attention skyward, we’re not only defying the draw of our phones, but also taking advantage of the physical changes that happen when this posture is adopted.

When the chin goes up, the shoulders naturally fall back and the chest opens, working in the same way as the ‘power pose’ on mood and mindset. Social psychologists call it ‘embodied cognition’, where the body – especially posture – influences the mind, and vice versa.

So there we have it…!

An extra reason to bundle up and brave the cold this weekend, safe in the knowledge that there’s much more to the 5th November festivities…than meets the eye! 🎇

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