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‘All that mixing, frying and flipping makes for a wonderful distraction from lockdown life’

Updated: Feb 23, 2021

This year, we’ve never been more pleased to see pancake day!

What is ordinarily just another take-it-or-leave-it excuse for some foodie fun, has in 2021 become serious (and competitive) business.

For those of us primed with our frying pans and batter mix at the ready, there’s arguably no better time to kickstart the celebrations than lunch!

Sweet, savoury of plain...pancakes are a delight from any angle, and it’s a joy that’s not just in the eating! All that mixing, frying, flipping, filling and folding are also a wonderful distraction from the monotony of lockdown life, for adults and children alike.

The fact that all these efforts are rewarded with some sugary, lemony goodness (other toppings are available) just confirms that pancakes are almost always good idea, and not the ‘flash in the pan’ this annual event might suggest!

As the most exciting thing to happen to lunch times since, well, who knows when...all we can say is, about flipping time!!

Head over to stories now for the batter mix how-to!

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