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An ode to… comfy undies!

Updated: Aug 10, 2023

Does anyone else remember watching Bridget Jones’ Diary, in the days before big knickers became 'a thing' of underwear-drawer overhauling, style-statement-making proportions?

I do, and it seems so inconceivable now, that comfortable pants used to be so darn uncool, that they could be built into a movie script with such memorable, hilarious consequences.

Fast forward to the present day, and the dental floss confections which 90s culture implored we should ‘grin and bear’…well, they’re officially (and thankfully) off-trend.

To such an extent, I might add, that even the most renowned itty-bitty-knicker-making brands, have turned their backs on the once-trusty ‘barely there’ brief.

The sum total of this culture shift, is that the joy of that end-of-day de-bra’ing,'s officially become a thing of the past.

It's not surprising really, as when your underwear of choice feels like wearing a cotton cloud (as this Bella Bodies wirefree bra does, I might add) then that ceremonious removal loses its power, not to mention poignancy.

Instead, comfort becomes an everyday default, thereby putting the pressure on our habits and lifestyles, to shoulder the job of relaxation that could once be accomplished, through the subtle art of an un-clasping!

For making the most of this new, satisfying era of bra-wearing, Australian women's brand Bella Bodies has got us comfy-loving ladies covered.

The brand specialise in creating essential, everyday intimates - from bras, to knickers, to base layers - all of which have clean lines and softness as their hallmark.

The result, is a transition from boardroom, to bar... to bed, that is almost as seamless and fuss-free as the smalls that made it all possible.

Sponsored by Bella Bodies

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