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An ode to October

Updated: Oct 13, 2022

Tomorrow… it’s October!

This realisation in itself, feels dramatic… and a ‘BOHOF’ moment if ever there was one!

BOHOF - for those not down with Urban Dictionary - is an acronym for those theatrical ‘back of hand on forehead’ moments that all good reactions to #summerisover are made of.

That said, it’s not necessarily just the flip-flop retiring for another year that’s getting us most choked up at October’s arrival!

In fact, it’s not even the impending festivities…although that certainly goes SOME way to explaining the ‘panic stations’ vibe.

What it is even more so - or so I have deduced - is that last-orders being called on 2022, brings into sharper focus all that is yet to be achieved in this blink-and-you’ve-missed-it year!

Understandably, with this comes the need to double down on doing ‘all the things’ - the culture trips, the last minute holidays - and often with exhausting consequences!

Some would call this an offshoot of ‘deadline mode’ - where urgency propels productivity to new and unsustainable levels.

It’s this eleventh hour tack that, in some respects, is our greatest defence against the kind of regrets and ‘if onlys’ that New Years Eve breakdowns are made of.

That said, this kind of autumn ambition is very much at odds with the desire to quite simply… batten down the hatches, do nothing and hibernate.

From this regard, while it pays to make this last chapter of 2022 count, I’m inclined to think the best approach to the ‘problem’ of ‘too much to do, too little time’ might not be to panic-plan and push-through, but instead to look at what’s most important right now, then divide… and conker!

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