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As the old saying goes…

Updated: Nov 9, 2021

As the old saying goes…

you learn something new everyday,’ and today is no exception!

Granted, the lessons and learnings of the quotidian aren’t always particularly Earth-shattering, but what they are - more often than not - is habit-shaping, which you could say is kind of the same thing?

In the case of today’s lesson, the take-home looks distinctly cactus-like, which given these stats… who can blame us?

With 25% better air certainly not to be sniffed at, this lesson could be the beginning of a new, blossoming relationship with our local garden centre, if nothing else.

To this end, we’ll take one cacti… and raise you a spider plant, safe in the knowledge that the small, aggregated gains of being a bonafide plant parent, will be worth it in the end!

When the rewards outsize the effort required - as they do in this case - there’s nothing to lose in the pursuit of that elusive edge (the magic 1%) to live just that little bit better, bolder…and maybe even greener!

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