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Bake Days… made better!

When it comes to cake, simplicity is often under-rated!

So tempting it is, to always push the boundaries of ingredient ingenuity, that we tend to get blindsided, in the process, of the delight that is… doing the bare baking minimum.

Take the marble cake - for example.

The dark horse of #treateats, this classic example of a ‘lazy bake’ comes - in this case - with an added nutritional bonus!

That is… protein.

Let’s face it, cake isn’t best know for having many amino acids to its arsenal, but for this particular recipe, all it took was a hearty helping of Fabalous hazelnut and cacao spread - for the Marble cake's good-stuff game to be officially raised!

Fabalous chocolate spread is a delicious combination of organic hazelnuts, cacao and chickpeas, which used 57% less sugar and 81% more protein than the leading cacao and hazelnut spread brand.

Awarded 2-star Great Taste Award, this rich, nutritious spread is 100% plant-based, contains no dairy and is also palm oil free, gluten free and soy free.

For this recipe, all you’ll need is 150g of spread (stirred into 1/3 of the cake mixture), 225g butter, 225g self-raising flours, 4 eggs and 225g caster sugar.

For the full recipe click here, and for more details head over to

Sponsored by Fabalous

(Recipe adapted from an original by Taming Twins.)

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