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Getting ready for bed, for most of us, is all about going through the motions.

Brush teeth. Wash face. Get changed...

However well intended these efforts may be, there are many times when even the best of bedtime routines doesn't pay off with a good night’s rest.

As with a lot of things, sleep optimisation sometimes comes down to the simplest of changes, and the 'bananas in pyjamas' theory is a testament to this.

After all, making sure you’re comfortable (pyjamas), and satiated (bananas) is arguably half the battle when it comes to falling asleep, and staying asleep, with nothing worse than waking in the middle of the night hungry, hot, cold… or worse still, irritated by pyjamas riding up your legs or waist.

Slipping into a pair of Happy Pijamas can, in contrast, go a long way towards setting the bedtime frame of mind that is key to a restful slumber.

Happy Pijama's modern unisex pyjamas are made from 100% organic cotton, with no itchy labels inside, and flat stitches for added comfort. They are designed with joy and character in mind… with this fun banana print also doubling up as an important reminder for your pre-bedtime fruit fix.

If you're wondering, off the back of this, why any old fruit won't do the trick, then you can blame it on the natural muscle-relaxants magnesium and potassium, as well as sleep-promoting carbohydrates, found mainly in abundance in bananas.

With staying in and early nights having now become the new going out, there’s no better time to put this theory to the test, especially if you're among the many finding nodding off a particular problem.

Granted, there's no overnight solution to insomnia, but as a nod to Sleeptember and the undisputed bliss that is bed, bananas in pyjamas (with a cuddly toy for good measure) might just be what sweet dreams are made of!

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