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‘Batch Salads’ can take some of the time and effort out of eating well during the busy working week!

Updated: Jan 6, 2021

It’s all too easy, when we’re working and lunching from home, to fall into a sandwich-shaped rut, where there’s probably as much scope for excitement, as there is any real nutrition.

It’s no wonder then, that switching up the lunch habit of a lifetime (and lockdown), is potentially one of the most effective ways of bringing some variety into our lives, and diets, at this otherwise stagnant time!

Of all the possible starting points for this, a ‘batch salad’ is hard to beat, helping take some of the time and effort out of eating well during the busy working week!

With a little help from Dodoni - one of the leading Greek producers of dairy products - we’ve created the ultimate fresh yet comforting salad, complete with feta, sweet potato, beetroot, avocado and pumpkin seeds.

Dodoni is proud to be the leading feta brand in Greece, boasting a unique and authentic flavour owing to the highest-quality milk used in the cheesemaking process. Known for its crumbly texture and unique flavour, Dodoni Feta is a product of Protected Designation of Origin (PDO), following strict rules to ensure the production follows processes handed down through the generations. Hailing from the Epirus region of Greece, Dodoni Feta is made exclusively from premium goat and sheep’s milk from herds grazing on this lush landscape, where over 2,500 herbs grow wild helping to add to the delicious flavour.

Thanks to the endless versatility of Dodoni Feta, it's within our scope to reclaim the joy of the lunch break, complete with all the feel-good, flavour and nutrition that these challenging days of home working demand!

For the full recipe, visit our instagram stories.

Dodoni Feta is available from Marks and Spencer stores across the UK.

Sponsored by Dodoni

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