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Be Kind to Your Mind

Today might not be any significant mental health awareness day, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good occasion for this message to be heard again.

Given the myriad of stresses and worries brought on by the last few months, self-compassion has never been more important.

Typically, compassion is something we’re much better at offering to others, than we are at giving to ourselves.

When it’s our own brains going through the motions of emotions, we’re habitually less kind, and much more critical.

This self-criticism, in many cases, weighs down on our wellbeing just as much as the symptoms that we’re berating ourselves for, be it feeling down, anxious, tired or just generally drained or overwhelmed!

Worrying about the potential the impact these issues might have on our health, work  or relationships, and feeling guilty about not being able to control them, only adds even further to the mind-baggage.

It’s for this reason that flipping the script on self-talk is such a large part of what we need to look at, if we are to find effective strategies for managing and promoting our mental health.

This idea of mind-kindness, was the inspiration behind this artwork, created for Health Magazine by Izzi Atkinson earlier this year for #mentalhealthawarenessweek.

The campaign might have passed, but we firmly believe the message still stands...

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