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BE MORE GOOSE: ‘The V-formation works as well in the as animal kingdom, as it does for humans’

Updated: Aug 25, 2020

Geese flying in a V formation is a common sighting at this time of year, and besides providing an impressive natural also gifts us with some fairly important food for thought.

One of the reasons geese fly in this formation, is to help each individual conserve energy, and to better facilitate each other’s welfare through improved care and communication.

Each bird flies slightly above the bird in front, so reducing wind resistance in order that each one doesn’t need to work as hard to get to their destination.

It’s an approach that works as well in the animal kingdom, as it does metaphorically for humans, and this is something to actively remind ourselves whenever the temptation to go out on a limb, without thinking as a collective, sets in.

Finding a flock (whether digitally or physically) whose mere presence ups your efficiency and provides the additional lift you never knew you needed, is an invaluable commodity.

Scientists actually estimate that a flock can fly about 70% further together, with the same amount of energy, than one goose can when flying alone.

Your mission, therefore, should you choose to accept it... is to FIND YOUR FLOCK.

Gravitate to the people who know the lifting power that comes from flying together.

When you find your V, share this post and tag your team!

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