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Beat the airport agro with this ‘handy’ packing hack!

Updated: Jun 12, 2023

If there’s one thing that travelling with kids quickly teaches you, it’s that a standard handbag, does NOT appropriate hand luggage make!

Yes, if I've learned anything from the last few summers, in particular, it's that my ‘pack list’ is just too long (not to mention complex) for any one of the style-over-substance totes that I might have happily shouldered through Duty Free, in the days before the importance of 'snacks on demand', had any real meaning.

Now that I have the need to prepare for every crayon-requiring eventuality, a multi-compartment carry-on is not just helpful… but wholly necessary. For ease of life, just as much as the avoidance of at least some of the airport agro that comes with the kids-in-tow territory.

This year, as well, I have found this precious gift of check-in-desk reprise, in the form of a perfectly organised passport holder!

The Far & Wide passport holder neatly stores all your passports and documents in one place, with separate pockets for your passports, key documents, boarding passes, and credit cards - especially useful when you need to top up those snack and crayon supplies ahead of boarding!

With a classic, minimalist design, the passport holder is built for function and style, both of which I have discovered find new-found necessity, when the overriding aim of the A to Beach…is to quite simply, hold it together!

Sponsored by Far and Wide

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