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Sundays were made for recharging in readiness for the week ahead, and this applies as much to our hair…as it does our minds and bodies.

It’s no surprise, with this in mind, that hair masks have come to form an integral part of those self-care Sunday rituals which now define the ‘rest day’ rhetoric, with their luxe, let’s-kick-back-and-relax undertones!

From mind to mane, the benefits of a hair mask run deep, with potential to untangle much more than just wayward tresses.

For all these reasons, today’s beauty review is dedicated to Cocunat Boombastic hair mask, which contains active ingredients - including apricot and coconut oil - that promise to strengthen, moisturise and restore your hair in just 30 minutes.

Our opinion:

‘For breathing life back into colour-ravaged hair, this mask succeeds in smoothing and taming, where so many other so-called masks have fallen at the first flyaway! It’s an effect that could be owed, we presume, to its specific water-repellent components, that block frizz-causing moisture from the cuticle. The mask itself comes with it’s own super soft, easy-to-tie wrap, which means during the whole half hour treatment… no drips! We love that Cocunat smells positively DELISH, and given it’s free from chemical nasties, vegan and approved by peta, it’s a treat for the tresses… as much as our conscience.’

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