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BEAUTY REVIEW: Jane Scrivner Whipped Butter Polish

Updated: Jul 11, 2021

There’s something about exfoliating, that never fails to feel like an uplift… and not just for the skin!

The process, with all its circulation-boosting benefits, leaves us feeling anew in a way that only the cosmetic equivalent of blowing away the cobwebs can!

Products that purport to slough and smooth in this way, are a fairly ubiquitous feature on our skincare shelves. Ones which actually live up to the promise, are somewhat more few and far between.

One which does, and which we thought deserving of a Self Care Sunday Shout Out, is Jane Scrivner WHIPPED BUTTER POLISH.

Product description:

‘A blend of cucumber seed oil, cardamom, cinnamon & bamboo grinds, air whipped in a mango, avocado and jojoba oil butter. This Phytosterol rich, whipped butter exfoliating polish melts into skin as it works to purify, soften & smooth skin.’

Our opinion:

True to its 'whipped' description, this product manages to swerve the heaviness most commonly associated with exfoliators. After quickly melting into it’s signature ‘buttery’ base, the formula manages to strike a sweet spot on the grainy scale, that’s neither too rough, nor too softly softly for the discerning skin polisher!

What the ‘buttery’ element lends to this product, is the feel of a nourishing balm, which when combined with the warm mit removal stage, feels positively luxe!

An added bonus that we can’t fail to mention…this product is plant-based - and organic!

Now, if that doesn’t whip your summer skincare routine into shape - nothing will!

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