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BEAUTY REVIEW: Upcircle Cleansing Balm

Updated: Aug 24, 2020

It’s been a few weeks since we did a #selfcaresunday hero product review, and what better way to kickstart the series again than with a product from one of our favourite brands, Upcircle Beauty.

Recently, cleansers have taken on a whole new importance, with much of the advice for managing mask-related skin problems centring on this pivotal stage of any skincare regime.

For this purpose, Upcircle’s everyday cleansing balm has proved itself more than up to the job.

Product description:

‘This everyday cleanser gently removes makeup, pollution and impurities. Skin is deeply cleansed, soothed and hydrated. Reused, repurposed, reloved. This cleansing balm is made with the finely-ground powder of discarded apricot stones, a natural by-product of the apricot oil industry and rich in antioxidant Vitamin E.’

Our opinion:

‘This cleanser is a dream for lovers of natural skincare. With a subtle grainy texture, it feels like it’s really working to remove make up and impurities, but without being drying on the process. The balm is best removed with a warm cloth, which also makes the ritual feel wonderfully luxe. We also love that the product is 100 per cent vegan, cruelty-free and has fully recyclable packaging.’

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