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Bedtime is a ritual...and a sacred one at that!

Updated: Mar 22, 2022

In their simplest form, bedtime routines are functional - designed to take us from A To B(ed) with the minimum time and energy we can muster!

With advancing years, however, the brush-teeth-wash-face template somehow just doesn’t cut it!

Bedtime, by this time, is a ritual...and a sacred one at that.

What begins with comfy clothes and double-cleansing, and maybe a nice bath if we’re lucky, ideally ends in the ultimate in sleep-ready ‘science’ - essential oils!

Aromatherapy, especially in this context of proactive ‘switching off’, is widely acclaimed for helping raise our self-care game, and thanks to Penny Price’s Dream Rollerball, it’s never been easier to take advantage of these benefits.

Penny Price’s easy-to-apply rollerball contains a relaxing blend of 100% natural pure essential oils, which when applied to the pulse points, provides a moment of calm on demand.

Used last thing at night, the soothing essential oils are a much-needed reminder to ‘stop and re-centre,’ and the excuse you never needed, to get the bedtime ball rolling BEFORE the 10 o clock news works its worst.

Of course, swapping the midnight oil for the essential ones, does not an uninterrupted 8 hours guarantee, but in terms of ways to spend an evening… it’s without doubt, the stuff of Dreams!

Sponsored by Penny Price

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