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Between a rock and a hard place…

Updated: Jan 28, 2022

Ok… not quite a rock!!!

(More a stone…of the facial massage variety!!)

When ‘hard’ rears it’s not-so-pretty head in life, as it so often does, the @greenpeopleuk Gua Sha facial stone has got your back!

Caught between a hard place and THIS handy wellness tool, the outcome for health looks almost as bright as our complexion promises to be, as a bonafide member of the facial stone aficionado!

Used with a facial oil such as @greenpeopleuk marine facial oil, this ancient beauty therapy massage tool glides over the skin, to help release tension AND level up your skincare routine.

With regular use, facial stone massage has been suggested to help improve skin firmness, releases congestion and reduce puffiness!

The potential applications, however, don’t end there!

You can pop the stone in the fridge for a refreshing, rise-and-shine ritual, OR immerse in warm water for a few minutes, for when life demands skincare (and indeed self-care) that’s a little more luxe!!

#gifted @greenpeopleuk

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