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Breakfast… but better!

Not so long ago, after realising that my life had evolved to become distinctly devoid of anything that resembled fruit…I started making this smoothie every morning (or most mornings, anyway.)

Fairly quickly, it became a habit.

The kind of habit that some might call a ‘keystone’, because the benefits are so much more than the sum of those superfood parts.

They’re also arising from all the subsequent better decisions, that happen as a result of this one daily tone-setting ritual.

It’s proved a lesson in the power every-little-counts, just as much as it has in the achievability of ‘self care’ (contrary to my parenting-acquired beliefs on this matter!)

This much hashtagged concept has, by all accounts, been vastly over-complicated in recent years, and to such an extent that it’s easy, sometimes, for it to feel somewhat incompatible with real life.

In this context, you can appreciate how refreshing it was to re-realise not just the value of ‘token’ efforts, repeated often, but also that ‘self care’ sometimes looks like little more than a green smoothie, in an otherwise averagely healthy-but-really-pretty-mediocre diet.

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