Butter toast is the breakfast go-to for those craving more ‘soul food’ on these autumn lockdown days

Updated: Nov 23, 2020

As one half of breakfast’s most famous pairing, you’d be forgiven for thinking you knew everything there is to know about making the perfect toast for your tea!!

Anyone who saw Nigella Lawson on BBC TWO last night, however, will likely have had all such assumptions proved wrong, as TVs most famous chef revealed a secret to the ultimate butter toast that we probably never knew existed... until now!

As comfort food at its best, butter toast is the breakfast go-to for those craving more in the way of ‘soul food’ on these autumn lockdown mornings.

Yes, nutritionally it might leave a lot to be desired, but sometimes the heart-warming effects of tea and toast are worth more than the sum of vitamins and co when it comes to health. #justsometimes

According to Nigella, the way to make the ultimate butter toast is through a three step process of quickly buttering while hot (allowing the spread to fully absorb into the bread) then applying a ‘top coat’ of more unsalted butter to finish, with a sprinkle of sea salt for good measure.

To those who are partial to a ‘more is more’ stance when it comes to their Lurpack, this ‘layering’ approach will probably come as music to your ears/taste buds!!

That, and the perfect excuse (if ever we needed one) to embrace the bread and butter of self-care that is the #teantoast brekkie...made doubly nice, by buttering twice!

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