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CAKETAILS: Because there are few things that can't be improved by cake... and cocktails!

Updated: Jul 18, 2020

Everyone knows, there are few things that can’t be made significantly better with cake... and cocktails are no exception to the rule!

As such, the Caketail might just be THE best way to brighten up your Saturday, and not just because it smacks of the kind of glass-clinking night outs that are but a thing of the past at the moment!

In addition to the cocktail vibes, there is of course...CAKE.

All you need to do is bake your desired sponge (we went for banana bread) and use a knife and cookie cutter to slice and shape to the dimensions of your chosen glass. Layer with fruit, whipped cream, or even Jim Jams works a treat if you’re in a hurry!  Continue to layer for as long as your glass will allow!

For more recipes, check out Juliet Sear’s page, since she was the inspiration for this post, after appearing on This Morning with a delicious array of caketails!

Given the endless potential for ‘healthy’ caketails, coupled with the natural element of portion control that it comes with, this is an idea to embrace with impunity... and a large spoon!  🥄

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