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CHEESE BORED: How to rekindle the joy of a Ploughman’s lunch

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Cheese boards are a delight, but let’s face it, the cheddar and pickle combo has worn a tad thin over the years.

Yes... there’s no doubt. We’re just a little bit cheese bored!

Thankfully, though, there’s hope yet for rekindling that universal joy of the Ploughman’s lunch.

Simply by switching up your platter with some non-conventional - yet nonetheless delicious- additions (strawberries anyone ?!), it’s possible to put a brand new spin on an old classic, and make lunch just that little bit more exciting in the process!

With this month marking the annual Febudairy campaign, it’s a fitting time for a cheese fest if ever there was one... so here’s to celebrating the ‘power ploughmans’, and ticking off at least 2 of your five a day, through the medium of cheese! #signmeup

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