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Updated: Jan 18, 2021

It’s been a long week (yes, granted it’s only Tuesday!), but we’re hopeful that the lockdown monotony is nothing that a bit of brownie baking/ eating can’t help with.

Of all the smile-making activities we can use to help fill our time at home, baking is up there with the best of them, helping deliver some much-needed calm to our otherwise frazzled minds!

The meditative aspect of all that mixing and making aside...there’s also scope for the end result to not fare too badly on the good-for-you-scale!

All you need, is to switch up your standard recipe with some chickpeas (yes chickpeas!!) and voila...delicious and healthy(ish) tea break treats that feed more than just our happy!!

For the full demo on how to make, head over to our Instagram stories!

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