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Chocolate Orange Cookies: It’s time to get your bake on!

One of the highlights of this time of year, is that Chocolate Oranges return to grace our supermarket shelves with their irresistible fruity festiveness!

And what better timing for one to accidentally-on-purpose fall into your cart, than on National Chocolate Week!?

It’s the theme of tonight’s GBBO, and the excuse you never knew you needed to make like it’s December with a wonderfully retro ‘tap-tap-and-unwrap’ treat!

However, don’t start dunking those segments into your tea just yet...(that’s a thing, right?!)

Terry’s Chocolate Orange might just be the secret baking ingredient you’ve been looking for to give those Bake Off contestants a run for their money!

Yes who’d have thought it... a chocolate orange can transform an average tray of cookies into melt in the middle showstoppers. Paul Hollywood would be proud!

Baking, as we know, is a great mindfulness activity, useful for distracting an anxious mind, and promoting restorative headspace.

As an added bonus, a little baking exercise in self-care also gifts you with treats to help brighten your day, or maybe someone else’s.

The recipe for these Chocolate Orange Cookies is here.


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