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Crisp sandwich, anyone!?

‘It’s a bit of me!’

Straight out of Love Island, this well-peddled expression has become somewhat of a catchall for expressing our likes, loves and guilty pleasures... crisp sandwiches included! (It is British Sandwich Week after all!)

Whether we’re down with the lingo or not, there is generally something to be said for recognising what speaks to our unique tastes (our innate 'me-ness', so to speak)... and running with that!

With such counterpoints often being recognised in the simplest, unlikeliest and most fleeting of places, the ‘don’t knock it till you try it’ motto somehow seems sensical...when applied in a sporadic sandwich context, at least!

In the main, whether what appeals happens to conform to the ranks of acceptable sandwich fillings, isn’t perhaps as important as how well the decision succeeds in getting our hearts to hold a note, even if only for the length of a lunch break.

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