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CUCUMBER EYE MASKS: The evidence is anecdotal... but we still love them!

Updated: Mar 17, 2021

Back in the day, when pampering was all Body Shop lip balms and peel off face masks... cucumber was at the top of its game!

Whether the slices-over-the-eyes technique actually worked or not, wasn’t as important as how those ten minutes of salad-therapy made us feel.

The ritual FELT positively spa-like, with all hopes pinned on the bag-banishing promise of this most reputed of natural rehydrators!

The hope (and hype!) has been enough to keep us coming back to the humble cucumber over the years, and even now in this age of high-tech de-puffers!!

Chances are, the cucumber’s power to undo the effects of stress and not enough sleep are not as much as our love of this ‘treatment’ would have us believe. The evidence, after all, is anecdotal.

That said, anything which encourages us to rest our eyes, especially in these times of increased screen time, can only be a good thing.

So, the next time you find self-care falling by the wayside, look no further than the fridge for the fastest way back to cool, calm and *eye-bag* corrected...with any luck!

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