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Deck the halls…and the bedrooms!

I don’t know about you, but Christmas just isn’t Christmas without festive bedding.

After all, if there is one thing that is guaranteed to bring some much-needed ‘comfort and joy’ (not to mention ‘silent nights’) to the season, it’s a bedspread of red-bellied birds!

With this in mind, my Yuletide linen of choice is something of a Robin fest, and if you ask me, this only adds to the already-irresistible appeal of tucking up under a super thick duvet, and retreating to the land of nod.

With 900 grams of wool per square metre, this handcrafted Devon Duvets product is made specifically for those with cold bedrooms, circulatory issues and / or also those who might normally opt for additional blankets during the autumn and winter months.

As a natural fibre, wool is both temperature regulating AND beneficial for those with allergies, for whom synthetic products are often less suitable.

At this time of year, when optimising sleep can have far-reaching benefits (both for wellbeing and our social batteries) it’s comfort credentials like these, which seem to find almost as much importance, as having your festive bedroom decor … covered!

Sponsored by Devon Duvets

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