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DIAL IT DOWN: Could so-called ‘dumbphones’ be about to make a comeback?

Updated: May 7, 2022

With time and energy such scarce commodities in the modern world, it’s no surprise that ‘hacks’ – in all their forms - have altered the very fabric of our daily functioning!


Beauty hacks, productivity hacks, cooking hacks… we’re forever hearing of the latest alternative way of doing something we’ve probably always done.


Useful as these strategies and techniques often are, however, there’s potentially only so many tricks of the trade our try-and-test capacity can take!!


Luckily, an alternative standpoint suggests ‘hacks’ aren’t the only way to up our efficiency.


Instead (according to Steven Bartlett, no less) we should look more towards the ‘productivity CRACKS.’


In other words, those often deep crevices forged in our daily lives, through which our precious energy and potential can easily and all too quickly drain away, if we’re not careful.


Identifying and filling in these cracks, carved out so often by the likes of smart phones, procrastination and negative thinking (to name but a few), represents an alternative - maybe slightly easier - way of levelling up our lives!


This is precisely the reasons why so-called ‘dumbphones’ are regaining popularity, with the technological limitations once considered a shortcoming, now the very thing that makes these handsets appealing.

Even if used on an ad-hoc basis, as a compromise to the idea of a ‘digital detox’, the benefits are significant, and a testament to the ‘cracks before hacks’ theory of living a healthier, more balanced life.

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