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Dinner, Drinks… and Magic!

Updated: Jan 3

It’s part of the beauty of a hotel holiday, that dinner becomes a mere starter, in the veritable three course feast of food, fun and fiesta, that benchmarks the every-night.

After dining in one of the Zafiro Palace’s three buffet or a la carte restaurants, you can choose to either relax in the lounge bar, or mooch the meanders of the plush landscaped grounds, before settling in to enjoy the evening’s entertainment.

From Magic… to Music, the show schedule is designed to please adults and children alike, with no greater testament to this… than the screen-free scene of sun-kissed smiles which, from around 9pm, fills the main lounge.

Thankfully, the only thing standing between curtain call…and the bliss that is bed at the end of a long hot day, is the stones throw few steps that it takes to circumvent the marvel that is…the swimming pool at night!

In a case of ‘if you know, you know’…it’s this vision of spot-lit ethereal blueness - the jewel in the resort life crown - that a real-world midsummer night’s dream …never fails to make.

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