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Updated: Jan 4, 2021

One of the things we’ve become increasingly committed to this past year, is making our food go that bit further than we perhaps might have done in the past.

This is especially true of the last week, when cancelled Christmas gatherings have left us with more than we need, to try and make the best of that we can.

From parsnips to carrots, potatoes to sprouts, never have we been more grateful for the infinite inspiration pool that is bbc food, to help spare these spares from the bottom-of-the-bin fate.

Of all the waste-saving recipes at our disposal, home-made soup is arguably the quickest and easiest, and that’s not even the best bit...

Soup, as we know, is Winter’s best loved comfort food, not to mention one of the tastiest ways to up your vitamin and mineral intake... one wfh lunch at a time!

📸 Curry carrot & parsnip soup (credit @bbcfood)

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