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EGG COFFEE: Meet the new buzz brew on the block!

Updated: Oct 4, 2020


With coffee - much like anything else - it’s all too easy to get stuck in a rut.

Without even realising, what SHOULD be one of the high points of the day (that first sip of smooth, bitter-sweet bliss!!!) becomes just another part of the morning motions.

For the sake of your morning mojo, changing up the way you make and enjoy your morning brew, is just ONE of the things we can try to put that old ‘a change is as good as a rest’ adage into practice.

Now, we’re not just talking about switching coffee brands here (although a little bean experimentation never harmed anyone!)

Instead, it’s about mixing things up in the method stakes... with a little help from some fairly unlikely ingredients.

Yes... we’d be inclined to say that EGG COFFEE is officially where it’s at (here at least!) this National Coffee Day, although you’d be forgiven for feeling more than a little sceptical about this latest ‘buzz brew’!

Egg Coffee has enjoyed Hungarian, Scandinavian and Vietnamese popularity, and it’s all for good reason.


Nutrition-wise, the protein /caffeine combo has its merits, offering a joint performance boosting / building-block-providing advantage that might (might) just give some edge when gearing up for the day ahead!


One way of making this coffee, is to blend condensed milk with egg whites to create a foam to pile on top of your mug. Other recipes suggest cracking the egg straight into your brew! We’re leaning more towards the first option, it must be said!

Besides trying something different in terms of WHAT you drink, it pays to also look at the HOW. Specifically, how to turn your first morning coffee into a ‘purposeful pause.’

Coffee is often used as a meditative tool, for the reason that it engages many of the senses, all at once. That, and because it can’t be gulped quickly, which makes it enforced deceleration at its best!

This all in mind, here’s to trying the newest brew on the block, savouring the sips... and putting a cracking morning coffee back on the list of non-negotiables! ☕️


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