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‘Fending off dry skin requires a similar approach to keeping warm - in other words, LAYERS!’

Updated: Oct 7, 2020

According to Caroline Hirons, whenever we change our coat, we should also change our skincare.

Fending off dry skin, she believes, requires a similar approach to keeping warm - in other words, lots of thin layers rather than one thick coating (of cream.)

In the interests of putting this into practice, we’ve dedicated today’s self-care Sunday product review to what is potentially the ULTIMATE base layer...

French Girl Organics Nectar De Néroli - Facial Oil Elixir

Description: ‘A botanical facial serum that blends a combination of over 20 powerful plant and flower oils - including Squalane oils - to hydrate skin at a cellular level, repair, enrich, and enliven the skin.’

Our opinion:

‘Facial oils might seem like much of a muchness, but this one sets itself apart with its rich sinks-in-like-a-dream texture and handy pump dispenser, for better control/ease of application. Made from a unique blend of camellia, jojoba, rosehip, arian & tamanu oils (to name but a few), it is rich in essential fatty acids that work to nourish the skin. This effect is something that really comes across after a few days use - especially when used with the ‘layering’ approach to hydration recommended for this time of year.’

We followed this Facial Oil Elixir with;

@upcirclebeauty rich moisturiser

@nealsyardremedies Wild Rose Beauty Balm - on dry areas

@glossier soothing facial spritz - throughout the day

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