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FITNESS: It’s all about the layers!

Fitness means many different things, to many different people.

For some, it's about physical strength and stamina, but for others, the motivations run deep!

In such cases, what drives a particular routine or habit, might have less to do with the physical gains… and more to do with the headspace that ‘gym time’ (or running time!) has come to represent.

On National Fitness Day, it is these ‘layers’ to fitness that give the ‘move more’ message the relevance it needs, to translate into the small, regular actions it demands.

Leveraging the power of ‘working out’, to help unravel the mind clutter of the day-to-day, is a feat that feels infinitely easier, when broached from a place of comfort and confidence.

To this end, we’re sporting the form-fitting, mood-lifting designs of Combat Dollies, in a nod to this activewear brand’s ambition, to redefine ‘workout-ready’ for the doing-what-we-can market.

Having been designed for both stretch and support, their eye-catching leggings and sports tops are as suited to HIIT workouts, as they are to yoga, running…or even just a leisurely stroll.

With a wide waistband for a flattering, confidence-boosting fit, these colourful designs skim and support when we need it most, and most importantly...put a cheerful spin on working out…to work things out!

Sponsored by Combat Dollies

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