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Going Green…

Updated: Jun 23

Have you ever noticed, how the ‘power’ of a green smoothie is as much psychological, as it is physical?

It seems to make you ‘feel’ healthier, long before the nutritional benefits have even registered.

If you ask me, this ‘placebo’ effect (if I can call it that) is something that is all too readily dismissed as a false measure of wellness.

The reasons for this, if you ask me, are two pronged!

Firstly, vitality is surely vitality, whether its roots are biochemical… or visceral.

As well, the afterglow of one good decision (such as this smoothie) can cause a ripple effect of positive behaviours, which then ultimately makes the ‘false’ impression of wellness, a reality.

This idea of the ‘green smoothie effect’ as a self-fulfilling prophecy is, of course, just my opinion. It is also just one of many potential holiday tonics, whose ‘therapeutic benefits’ are greater than the sum of parts.

These include, but are not limited to, the cold water swims, the fruit infused water, the one cup of herbal tea, enjoyed on arrival…

They all feel like a panacea, even if better knowledge says otherwise, and by blurring the lines nicely between ‘feels good’ and ‘does good’, a much more achievable blueprint for health emerges.

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