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HAPPINESS with plant-based milk!

Updated: Jan 29, 2021

When it comes to coffee, our tastes are changing... almost as much as our consumption habits.

With many more of us having acquired an affinity for ‘proper coffee’, cafetières and coffee machines are fast becoming the kitchen commodities we can’t live without.

The trend is not surprising, given the immense joy that is a freshly brewed coffee, sipped slowly before the chaos of the day gets underway. It’s one of life's few remaining luxurious, mindful experiences that, just lately, owes as much to milk choice, as it does the particular roast and brewing technique.

Yes, the Oat Milk Americano has officially transcended coffee-shop menus and filtered down into our home lives....and we couldn’t be happier!

In line with this burgeoning trend for plant based barista-style coffee at home, alBacio coffee have created a range of coffees that deliver the clarity and sharpness of coffee, plus the depth of flavour qualities of your favourite plant-based drink, without compromising the whole taste.

Plant milk is now pouring into the mainstream, and for good reason. It's estimated that 25% of the UK population now enjoy plant milk on a daily basis, and this year, 560,000 people signed up the Veganuary campaign, according to the Vegan Society.

Beyond the taste aspect, any and all plant-based milks are more sustainable and have a lower environmental impact than dairy milk.

Experimenting with different coffees and plant milks is a learning curve that many more of us are embracing, especially in these time of increased eco-awareness. In the process, coffee has evolved into much more than just a get-up-and-go drink. It’s now something that adds intrinsic value to our life… and hopefully that of future generations!

Sponsored by alBacio Coffee

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