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Health Magazine 101

There’s been a few new faces popping up on the Health blog/socials since THAT ‘5 things to do in your 40s…’ post, which made me think that perhaps a little re-introduction might not go amiss!

Contrary to what the name suggests, Health Magazine isn’t a conventional ‘magazine’, although it did start life as a print publication, back in 2007! In 2018, the physical edition was replaced with a digital magazine, which then later evolved into a blog / social media platform in 2019.

You might have already noticed, Health Magazine doesn’t follow the traditional blueprint of a platform of this genre. Instead, this little ‘blogazine’ has carved out its own niche, of sorts, by flying the flag for health as a nuanced, complex, highly individual and multi-faceted picture.

It’s a melange of articles and captions on subjects spanning lifestyle, nutrition, fitness, travel, and parenting, the miscellany of which encapsules perfectly my personal (and ever-evolving) stance on ‘wellness.’

Fundamentally, it’s an approach which is rooted in the principles of balance, variety and moderation, and much of the content born from these ideas is a testament, also, to the role of introspection, micro-learning and creativity in self-actualisation (an often neglected precursor of ‘health.’)

I hope some of this explanation will resonate, on at least some level, and that those who are new to this page will find both the inspiration and inclination to stick around for the 2024 ‘Health’ ride, and beyond.

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