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HOLIDAY FOOD: ‘Food is the return ticket to sunnier climes that we all need right now’

Updated: Feb 10, 2021

Food and travel are inextricably linked.

To this end, most of us can probably think of at least one food or meal, the taste of which instantly transports us back to sunnier, happier times-gone-by!

For us, it has to be this carrot, garlic and walnut dip!

A Cypriot recipe passed down over a decade ago (thanks @sue.solomou), it’s the epitome of edible escapism, especially when heaped generously into a warm pitta with grilled halloumi and avocado!!

Right now, the return ticket to sunnier climes that certain foods and recipes represent, is something we all need more than ever!

This in mind, we’re putting this quick and easy ‘holiday food’ recipe out there for your let’s-pretend-it’s-not-winter pleasure! #enjoy

•Grate some carrots

• crush some walnuts (using a freezer bag and a rolling pin) and garlic

•Mix all the above together in a bowl with a generous dollop of mayonnaise

Et voila!

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