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Holidays… and the ‘evolution of eating’

Updated: Jun 18

I’ve always thought that the ‘eat’ chapter of ‘Eat, Pray, Love’ seems to encapsulate perfectly, the interplay that exists between travel…and nutrition.

It’s the phenomenon of how visiting a new country, and consciously aligning with the cultural nutritional norms, can spark an ‘evolution of eating.’

What this often looks like, is a more intuitive, satiety-led approach to food.

A satiety which isn’t just about hunger… but also the social and emotional aspects of enjoying a meal.

Food as a bonding opportunity is entrenched in the Mediterranean, and this latest trip to the Anantara in Portugal’s Algarve region, has confirmed what I’ve long believed…

That simple, local and intelligently produced meals, served with a side of good company, is peak ‘this is what it’s all about!’ fodder!

Back home, I’m guilty of over-looking this nuanced picture of nutrition, and falling into the habit of eating the same kinds of foods and meals - in the same places - on repeat.

After just a few days of culinary picking and mixing, I’m reminded how our relationships with food - like all relationships- need to be nurtured and invested in.

Not just with the time and effort, but also, on occasion… a much-needed holiday!

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