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How ironic, that the busyness & crowds that once left us craving respite, have BECOME the respite!

In the past, the route to relaxation has mostly always pointed in the direction of solitude and silence. In other words... HOME 🏡!

It's probably safe to say now, though, that the novelty and benefits of 'me time' and being able to hear ourselves think, have well and truly worn off.

How ironic is it, that the busy streets and bustling crowds that once left us stressed and craving respite, have since BECOME the respite.


Right now, the streetscape is an unlikely source of calm for many, with the sight and sound of other people, and the feeling of being surrounded by life, bringing a sense of comfort and reassurance like never before.


In this unlikely turn of events, even the sofa and Netflix are maybe not as appealing as pitching up in a window seat of your local cafe (thanks @fegouk)for a daily fix of people-watching... and caffeine!


Home sweet home, it may well still be... but in the current climes, THIS might well be where the heart is! 💖


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